Interactive Building - VondelCS in Amsterdam

This was a project for Avrotros (a Dutch public broadcast corporation). I made their most authentic studio in the heart of Amsterdam interactive.
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<span>Interaction Design</span><span>Photography</span><span>Front-End Development</span><span>Photoshop</span>

About this project

VondelCS is a famous building in Amsterdam (at the Vondelpark) and it’s a creative place that has broadcasting capabilities and helps people to kickstart a media initiative.

Two researchers did a market research and analyzed the target audience and I designed and developed a website that shows people all the rooms and facilities in the building.

The three main screens

Night and day

When it’s day in the Netherlands, the site will show the default sunny photo of the building. But when it’s dark outside, the image on the website will show the building in the night.

Motion Design

Project Recap Video

Oh, the good times!

We filmed parts of the project, so I made a recap video. Beware, it may not be a very professional video. But hey, we had fun!