Imagine Internet For Everyone

An interactive story about global internet usage.
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<span>Photoshop</span><span>HTML5</span><span>CSS3</span><span>jQuery</span><span>Story telling</span><span>Data visualization</span><span>Responsive Design</span>

About the Project

In my second year at Saxion University of Applied Sciences, one of my assignments was to tell a meaningful story about a topic from Cordaid.
The interactive story I created is about global internet usage, but it focuses on the possibilities of the internet in Africa.

Most people use the internet as a luxury product (for entertainment), but making good use of the internet for the right people can help millions of people.

The goal: to make people aware of the importance and relevance of the internet in less affluent populations who are mostly self-sufficient.


With multiple sources (like Gapminder), I was able to make an infographic in Photoshop about the availability of internet connections in Africa.

CSS REEL Nominee

The interactive story was nominated for multiple CSS Awards. One of them was CSS Reel!