Soda Drinkers

Are you an innocent Soda Drinker? That depends on it.. For this project, I've researched the water (mis)usage and work conditions of the three biggest soda companies
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About this project

This project was a school assignment from a while ago. I gathered data and sources to show you the work conditions and water usage of your favorite soda.

The Design

Soda drinks are bubbly and sweet.

I wanted my design to be just like the taste of soda, but with a serious message. The headings are big and heavy to catch attention.

The bubbles move up when the visitor scrolls down.

It’s a reversed parallax of bubbles. The effect caught good reactions, but if I would do the assignment again, I would let the bubbles float up when the page loads.


I made my own illustrations for happy workers, neutral-feeling workers and tired workers in Adobe Illustrator.