BMW Website Redesign

I made a redesign of the BMW website in agreement with BMW in The Netherlands
<span>User Research</span><span>Wireframing</span><span>Interaction Design</span><span>Photoshop</span><span>After Effects</span>

About this project

BMW is constantly innovating. New cars with fancy designs are released to the market. But the website wasn’t innovated in years.

User Research

To understand who the target audience for the BMW website is, I went on Twitter and searched for people who were tweeting about BMW. After finding the people, I categorized their profiles and estimated their MBTI character style.

Job stories

Based on the twitter categorizations, MBTI profile estimations and a target audience segmentation from an external resource, I made job stories to define the goals of the new website.


"When I'm on the website, I want to see the latest news of BMW, so I'm aware of BMW's innovations"


"When I have a question about a certain car, I want to browse to the car page, so I can see the relevant answer to my question"

"When I'm looking for a new car, I want to be inspired and advised, so I can make a good decision for buying the right car"

"When I want to request a test drive, I want to know where the closest dealer is, so I don't have to drive too far"


The Designs

The navigation